Wine Glass Holder(needed for outdoors)

How do you drink wine outside?

Wine is a big deal in many homes across the world and people love to enjoy a glass of wine whenever and wherever they are.  Typically this causes a problem because wine is best enjoyed out of a stemmed glass. Some beer lovers also have this problem because a stemmed glass is the best way to enjoy many different brews.  The problem with using the appropriate vessel for enjoying your beverage of choice is that most chairs do not have a place to put your stemmed glass when you need to use your hands. I know we all would like to think that we don’t ever put the glass down, but the truth is that you will find yourself needing a place to set the glass at some point.  Most people will try to balance the glass between their legs or even set it on the ground.

But wait, there is a wine glass holder for that.

The Wine Hook is a simple but effective device that simply clips on almost any chair to hold your stemmed glass.  It features a duckbill type of fastener that tightly holds to anything that is less than one inch thick. It makes a perfect wine gift and was even featured on The Today Show.

The most popular way of using The Wine Hook is by attaching it to the arm of your outdoor chair.  This can be accomplished with almost any outdoor chair on the market today. With soft arm chairs, you would slide the hook over the arm support pole so that it acts as a sleeve over the tip of the tubing.  This gives The Wine Hook maximum stability and is the most comfortable. With a chair that has hard arms, The Wine Hook simply slides onto the arm perpendicularly and on whichever side is most comfortable or out of the way of heavy traffic.  If it seems like your chair doesn't have the arms to hold The Wine Hook, other options to hold the hook are to attach it to the sitting area of the chair, typically on the side or front framing of the chair.

Other ways that The Wine Hook has been used includes attaching it to tables to increase your space by putting the wine glasses on the perimeter of the table and by attaching it to anything else that is less than one inch thick.

What this wine glass holder wont do.

Of course The Wine Hook is a great solution for holding your glass of wine, but don’t forget to respect your glass of wine.  It doesn’t stop the glass from being able to be spilled. Just like a table that is bumped can cause a spill, so can a glass that is in The Wine Hook be spilled.  This wine holder makes a perfect wine gift for those friends and family members that seem to have it all.

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